Compression (0 to 100%): This setting instructs the  Chart component on how aggressively it should apply JPEG compression.  0 = no compression, 100 = maximum compression Template: Templates are used by the web designer or developer to establish the basic characteristics of the Chart.  Properties like orientation, colors, textures, legends, fonts, lighting, etc., are stored as templates, and are used to display the datapoints entered.  Templates are completely flexible, we've provided a few here for illustration purposes.
Collected data label:  Chart provides an easy method of collecting small data elements into a summary or 'collected' element.  You have control over where the threshold is set for this ability. Minimum collected value: %This item allows you to set the threshold level for the collected data element.
Pick the number of data elements (pie slices) for the chart: Select the number of elements (pie slices) you would like to see in the sample chart.   Chart offers tremendous run-time flexiblity.
Pie slices:
SizeLegend LabelExploded